Hi, I’m Angelissa

Growing is one of my absolute favorite things, but that does not mean it’s always easy. I am passionate about not settling and in a world that tells you “You can’t” or “You won’t” or “You’re not good enough,” I want to welcome you into “You can, you will, and you are enough.”

I grew up in San Francisco, California, but I’m a born-Jersey girl. I absolutely love sweets and I think dogs might be my favorite thing on the whole planet. I am Dominican, first generation in the USA, a daughter of missionaries. I work in human resources in New York City. I studied Italian and Media in college and I truly love engaging others, whether close friends or strangers, in conversation.

I approach self-development and personal growth from a dream and goal mindset! Let’s talk about where you want to go. Let’s talk about the little voice that got buried deep down decades ago under ‘status quo’, naysayers, and life’s busyness.

Let’s dream again. More than dream, let’s learn how to plan and how to execute on our dreams.